Trackman Driving Range

Experience a revolutionary approach to golf practice at Queensland’s only indoor TrackMan Driving Range. Gain access to 28 invaluable data points, including ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and carry distance, along with 10 metres of ball flight. Elevate your game through purposeful feedback and meaningful improvements.

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Driving Range

Elevate your game with unbeatable value through our Driving Range Packages. Maximise your practice time with our extended hours, while you save on every session.

1 Hour Range Session



10 Hour Range Pack



30 Hour Range Pack



Trackman Simulators

Experience unparalleled realism with TrackMan’s golf simulators. These cutting-edge solutions redefine indoor golf, delivering the true feeling of the game. Thanks to drone mapping and high-definition graphics, you’ll feel like you’re right on the course, enjoying every training session, hole, and tournament with precision and authenticity.

1 Hour Session

1-4 Players (From $15 Per Person)​

2 Hour Session

1-4 Players (From $15 Per Person)​

3 Hour Session

1-4 Players (From $15 Per Person)​
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Simulator Packs

Unlock unbeatable value with our Simulator Packs. Play more, save more, and enjoy extended hours of precision golfing with our cost-effective packages.

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Individual League

Monthly Tournament



Your company name/logo will be featured for the 4 week tournament on:


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Your company name/logo will be featured for the duration of 2024 on:


Individual Registration Fee

One time fee


Team Registration Fee

Paid for every season entry


Weekly Fees

Per player

Clubhouse Golf Members - $20

Non Members - $30

Included With Entry:

Titleist Drivers/Fairway woods

Optimise your performance off the tee with a Titleist Drivers and Fairwoods Club Fitting. Unlock the full potential of your driver and fairway woods by tailoring them to your unique swing characteristics. Experience increased distance, accuracy, and consistency, empowering you to attack the course with confidence from the first tee shot to the last fairway approach.

Club Fitting Included in Memberships for Silver, Gold and Platinum Members

Club Fitting: $160

Titleist Irons

Discover the unmatched precision and feel with a Titleist Irons Club Fitting at Clubhouse Golf. Tailor your iron set to your unique swing characteristics, ensuring every strike is met with optimal distance, accuracy, and control. Unleash your full potential on the fairways with a customised iron fitting that transforms your approach play.

Club Fitting Included in Memberships for Silver, Gold and Platinum Members

Club Fitting: $160

Vokey Wedges

Delve into the world of precision short game play with our Vokey Wedges Club Fitting. Elevate your scoring opportunities by customising your wedge setup to match your swing style and course conditions. Uncover the versatility and control needed for those critical shots around the green, giving you the confidence to navigate any scoring situation.

Club Fitting Included in Memberships for Silver, Gold and Platinum Members

Club Fitting: $160

Tee Off for Victory

Join the Clubhouse League Today!

Autumn Season - Starts Tuesday 30th April, 2024

Register Your Interest Today

Give us your deets and a member from our team will reach out with more info!


The Clubhouse League will run for 8 weeks. 

6 weeks tournament and 2 finals weeks

Autumn Season – Starts Tuesday 30th April, 2024

Tuesday Nights – 7pm, 8pm & 9pm

All teams will pick their desired time slot on Tuesday nights before the season starts

A Maximum of 20 Teams Per Season is Available

Teams must have 4 players, but individuals can sign up and be grouped with other players by Clubhouse Golf to assemble a team

Teams will be allowed up to 3 substitute players to be used throughout the season

Players will need to pay their registration fee 

Players must have a Trackman handicap with a minimum of 3 rounds completed

Players must be certified by Clubhouse Golf League staff prior to playing


  • League registration
  • 8 weeks of tee times
  • 10% off drinks each week
  • Access to live leaderboard
  • Team logo creation & photo shoot
  • Opportunity to win weekly prizes
  • The chance to win a trip to Hamilton Island!

Courses and tees will be selected and announced the week prior to league play

The Clubhouse League will run off a points based system.
Win = 3 points
Loss = 0 points

1st week of finals = Double points
2nd week of finals = Triple points


Bonus Points
1 bonus point for winning 3&2 or more
1 bonus point for losing by 2&1 or less
1 bonus point for losing in a playoff
Bonus points remain 1 point for finals